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What's in for weddings in 2021

Posted by Cheryl Warburton on

With the hope of weddings are going to be back to normal after June even more reason to celebrate with a statement hat if you are mother of the bride or groom!
This year wedding themes are all about it being nature and connecting with the outside and hopefully with a summer like we had last year you can go with those floaty summery dresses and pantone colours which are big this year. Silver and yellow seam to be making a big comeback this year. Also natural and earthly colours are big and so are pearls! This Hatinator with two tone spirals and flowers with pearls is just the perfect hat for mother of the bride.
If you feel like you are standing out too much with a large hat, small is beautiful these lovely halos will work just as well if you want just a little something to complement your outfit.
Halo with roses and feathers fascinator   
Jade Halo                        Dusky Pink Halo

If you are ready to go for that statement headpiece that is going to make you stand out from the crowd how about this lovely lemon hatinator.




Whatever you choose I am sure the day will be a day of celebration not only for the happy couple but also a celebration of freedom and being able to socialise again. Have a great day!



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