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Hat Alterations and Cleaning Services

Hat Repair & Alteration Policy

We are a small shop which primarily makes hats. Because of the complexity of repairing and cleaning hats, we only accept a limited number of hats each month for repair, re-trimming, re-blocking or cleaning and by appointment only. If you need a hat repaired, re-trimmed, re-blocked or cleaned please read the following:

Appointments: Hats are accepted for repair, re-trimming, re-blocking or cleaning by appointment. Please call us at 07813056366 during business hours to schedule the next available appointment.

Assessment: Before any work is done on your hat, a hands-on assessment will be made to determine what needs to be done and the price. If your hat has a problem we can’t fix, we will let you know at this time. Any concerns and options will also be discussed.

Estimates: While sometimes an approximant price range of the repair/cleaning can be discussed over the phone, because each hat and each repair are unique, a set price can only be determined after seeing and handling the hat in person.

Turnaround Times: Repairs are usually completed in two to four weeks depending upon whether we need to special order anything and the shop’s current work load. We do our best to stick to this timetable but we will call you, if for some reason, your hat repair will be delayed.

What we can do: We will do our very best to clean and repair each hat we accept.

What we can’t do: We repair hats that are of the same style and materials of the products we use in our shop. This means we do not work on baseball caps, some qualities of wool, white wool, bleached straw hats, paper “straw” hats and some flat-pattern caps and hats. In addition, your hat may have invisible weak points or include materials that react in unexpected ways to our processes. While we do our best to identify those potential problems ahead of time, they may only show up during the repair. As a result, we are not liable for any unforeseen damage. Additional charges may apply if, after consultation with you, we replace any materials or do additional work because of unseen problems.

Servicing your Hat

Service What this Involves Price
Hat Cleaning

Standard cleaning, no major stains

May require removal or replacement of sweatband (£15-£40)

Deep Hat Cleaning

Includes hand worked stain removal

May require removal or replacement of sweatband (£15-£40)


(+£15 if flange needed)

Disclaimer tearing and shrinking potential

Re-blocked Crown Re-shape crown £20.00
Re-Flange (Brim) Shape brim £20.00
Brim Cut    Brim cut down (+£22 if flange needed) £10.00
Brim Edge Grosgrain Binding Sew grosgrain binding to edge £30.00
Brim Edge Custom Binding Sew bias cut binding to edge £35.00
Replace Current Sweatband Take out before and replace after cleaning 15.00
New Leather Sweatband      New leather sewn in, sew on ribbon, set £35.00
New Cloth Sweatband New cloth sewn in, sew on ribbon, set         £32.00

Stretching or shrinking per size

Resizing may require a new sweatband

New Grosgrain Hatband Remove old and replace with new £20.00
Custom Grosgrain Remove old, replace with custom design £32 - £45
New Lining Remove old and replace with new £25.00